About LeeAnn

My clients, friends and colleagues say I’m the one they turn to for real advice, a unique perspective, and guidance on how to get stuff done. Some people call me ‘cerebral’ because I like to think about things. It’s true – I’m an analytical thinker who’s able to distill complex issues down to meaningful and manageable tasks. I’m also fun and optimistic, so you never know where a conversation with me might lead. In a nutshell, I’m gifted at organizing, teaching and connecting.

Coaching busy professional women is my passion. I help women entrepreneurs save time, money and energy everyday. I have 15 years experience in marketing and business development in a wide range of industries. I’ve owned multiple businesses. Plus I’m a lawyer and coach. But more importantly, I’m naturally gifted in systems and organization. I make the techy stuff easy and will guide you with how to set up your business and then make it successful.

My non-business passions include traveling, cooking and triathlons. In fact, I'm currently training for my first full Ironman!

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