This One Simple Change Will Add 50% More Subscribers to Your List

Yesterday I received an email that irritated me so much I was inspired to write this post.  Now, the author didn’t really do anything wrong, she just made a critical error that is costing her at least 50% of her email subscribers.  What bothers me is that it’s a really simple change that will make a major impact in her business.

So…what is this “error”?  She forced me to do a “double opt-in” to receive her emails.  In other words, I signed up on her web page for a virtual event.  And instead of immediately being added to the mailing list, I had to click a link in an email to confirm that I wanted to be on the list.  And the confirmation email came 11 days after I signed up (we’ll get to that in a minute).

Now, I understand the theory behind the double opt-in – theoretically people who confirm they want to be on your list are really interested and thus more likely to open your emails, buy your products, etc.  But I find it really annoying.  I’ve already signed up.  I’ve already expressed interest.  Don’t make me do even MORE work now.

And I’m clearly not alone.  Using the double opt-in feature will reduce your subscribers by 50%.  That’s a lot.  We spend so much time, money and energy getting people to our web sites, why would you want to essentially turn 50% away?  That’s like someone offering to pay full rate for your services but you respond, “that’s ok, I’ll just take half.”

Most email services will let you turn this feature off.  And if yours won’t, I highly recommend changing to one that does (AWeber  is my favorite, for many reasons, including this).

And if you still aren’t comfortable turning this feature off, at the very least make sure the confirmation message is sent immediately.  In my situation, the message came 11 days after I registered for the event.  I had no idea what the confirmation was for and almost reported the person as a spammer.  Instead I replied to the message and asked for a link to the page that I had opted into.  The host wrote me back and when I clicked the link I remembered.  Most people will NOT do this – they will hit delete and be gone forever.

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